Our Address

Oldwick Associates in
152 Oldwick Rd
Oldwick, NJ 08858

Mailing address
P.O. Box 242
Oldwick, N.J. 08858

Tel: 908-439-3456
Fax: 908-439-2343

Phone directory:

Mikaela B. Kilker, Psy.D. ext. 1 Karen Boates, LCSW ext. 2 Tracy Menzie, LCSW ext. 3 Lynn Bisco, Psy.D. ext. 4 Heather Kourpas, LCSW ext. 5 Deborah Libero, Ph.D. ext. 6 Linda Oniki, LCSW ext. 7 Virginia Walters, Psy.D. ext. 8 To reach our admin office, please press 0. If you are a new patient and have not been referred to a specific therapist, please leave a message at Ext. 9
*Please note:   
Charles B. Mark, Psy.D. can be reached at 908-528-3039.
J.L Farmer, Psy.D. – and  Lorna Farmer, LCSW: Dr. Farmer can be reached at 908-310-2265.  Lorna Farmer can be reached at 973-270-8354.


Conveniently located minutes off of Rt. 78 and just down the road from the historic village of Oldwick, New Jersey

From the South

Rt 78, Exit 24 for County Rd 523/Oldwick

From Westbound lane the turn right at the end of the ramp onto Rt 523/Oldwick Rd From Eastbound lane turn left at the end of the ramp onto Rt. 523/Oldwick Rd

152 Oldwick Rd. is 0.5 miles from Rt. 78 on your right hand side. Look for our dark green sign.

From the North

152 Oldwick Rd. is located 0.5 miles south of the intersection of Lamington Rd. and Rt. 523/ Oldwick Rd. on your left. Look for our dark green sign.

Your records are confidential and will not be sent out, discussed, or shown to others without your expressed permission.  There are exceptions:  In situations of potential harm to oneself or others, cases of suspected child abuse for neglect, and instances where the court orders information, confidential material may be released.  In certain circumstances where a therapist releases information to help prevent imminent danger to self or others, NJ law requires the therapist to contact the local police chief so that access to firearms can be assessed or prevented.   Our HIPAA privacy policy provides more details on the nature and limits of privacy.  Some insurance companies also require the release of information (usually a diagnosis, symptom profile, and treatment plan) in order to process or authorize covered care.