Our Clinical Staff

Charles B. Mark, Psy.D – Ext. 2 Psychologist – NJ Lic #1712, PA Lic #04600L

Dr. Mark has a general clinical practice, working with young adults through older adults. He is experienced in working with clients addressing a wide range of issues. These commonly include depression, anxiety, work stresses, relationship conflicts, trauma and under achievement. Special areas of interest include individual therapy with adults, marital/couples psychotherapy and working with people who have to make lifestyle adjustments due to heart disease and other illnesses. To learn more about his practice, please visit www.drcharlesmark.com.

Lynn C. Bisco, Psy.D – Ext. 4 Psychologist – NJ Lic #2398

Dr. Bisco provides individual, couples and family therapy to adults, adolescents and children for problems including depression, anxiety, panic disorder, health crisis and women’s issues; as well as stress precipitated by marriage, divorce, parenting, workplace, school and/or life transitions.

Heather Schorr Kourpas, LCSW – Ext. 5 – Licensed Clinical Social Worker, NJ Lic.# SC49998

Provides therapy for children, adolescents and adults. Commonly works with anxiety, depression, ADHD, bereavement, dating and domestic violence. Addresses a range of women’s issues including post partum depression, family problems and parenting issues. Commonly addresses school problems and adjustment as well as gender identity and sexual orientation issues.

Deborah Z. Libero, Ph.D – Ext. 6 – Psychologist – NJ Lic #3892

Dr. Libero maintains a general clinical practice, providing individual and family psychotherapy for adults, children (ages 2 and older) and adolescents. She is a Registered Custody Evaluator and also provides psychological evaluations. Special areas of interest include divorce, loss, trauma and anxiety, and depression.

Linda S. Oniki , LCSW- Ext. 7-Licensed Clinical Social Worker-NJ Lic #05788

Linda Oniki has had a general clinical practice with Oldwick Associates since 1986, providing individual psychotherapy. She commonly works with adolescents and adults. Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, post traumatic stress, interpersonal problems and eating disorders are frequent presenting issues. She has received advanced training at the New York School for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. For more information on her practice see her website www.lindaoniki.com

Virginia S. Walters, Psy.D. Ext. 8 Psychologist, NJ Lic.# 3387

Dr. Walters general practice includes providing individual therapy to young adults, adults, and geriatrics for issues of depression, anxiety, inattention/hyperactivity, adjustment issues, grief, loss of independence and chronic physical conditions. Areas of special interest include gero-psychology, caregivers of the elderly and psychological assessment including learning issues and attention deficit-hyperactivity/impulsivity disorders. In addition, her practice involves providing psychological services at sub-acute, long term care and assisted living facilities in the area.

Mikaela Kilker, Psy.D.- Ext. 10 – Psychologist NJ Lic. #5906

Dr. Kilker provides individual and family therapy for children and adolescents utilizing an integrative strength based approach, collaborating with school systems when appropriate. Special focus on anxiety and depression in middle school aged children. Psychological evaluations to support school accommodations for children with special needs.

Karen Boates, LCSW  Ext. 11 – Licensed Clinical Social Worker-NJ Lic.#SC05564200

Karen Boates conducts a general clinical practice working with adults, couples and children ages 4 through teenage years.  Concerns addressed include anxiety and depression, couples/marriage therapy, relationship communication and navigating life transitions.  She provides DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) and CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) to children.   She works with older adults in the areas of healthy aging, grief and loss, dementia, level of care evaluation and community supports. 

Please Note:

–J. Lawrence Farmer, Psy.D –Psychologist – NJ Lic #1380

After many years as a founding partner, Dr. Farmer no longer works with Oldwick Associates.   He remains in practice and can be reached at phone number 908-310-2265 . 

–Lorna S. Farmer, LCSW -Licensed Clinical Social Worker – NJ Lic #11688

After many years as a founding partner with Oldwick Associates,  Lorna Farmer is no longer working with Oldwick Associates.  She remains in practice and can be reached at phone number 973-270-8354.